• John DelehantPresident

    John was elected to the board of Directors in 2011. Prior to his retirement John worked as a Civil Litigation Specialist from 1972 to 2008. He ran a practice with 130 +/- employees representing individuals, professionals, associations, corporations and public/governmental entities. In addition to his vast knowledge and legal expertise, John offers a unique diplomatic perspective when considering the issues facing SMMWC.

  • Ben BanksVice-President

    Ben originally served on the board from 2001 to 2004. He was re-elected to the Board in 2010. He has been working for Wyndham Resorts for the past 33 years, and is the General Manager of the San Luis Bay Inn Timeshares. Ben’s contribution to the Board is his practical knowledge gained from his 28 years of experience as a General Manager running timeshares associations, hotels and numerous other recreational operations.

  • Gerri HallSecretary

    Gerri was elected to the Board of Directors in 2006. She also serves as a board member for the San Luis Bay Estates Master Association as well as the Pelican Point Home Owners Association. Gerri has been a resident of San Luis Bay Estates for 30 years. She contributes great historical knowledge of this area. Her active engagement in the community allows her to share the many opinions found within San Luis Bay Estates.

  • Tom AtheyFinancial Officer

    Tom has been on the BOD since 2001. As a Professor Emeritus for the College of Business, Cal Poly Pomona he has taught courses in Strategic Thinking, Executive Information Systems, Project Management, and System Development. In addition to teaching, Tom has 20 years of experience as a management consultant to senior executives in business, government, and education. Tom uses his B.S. in Physics, M.S. in Applied Math, and a PhD in Business Finance to keep the short term and long term challenges of SMMWC financially secure.

  • Rick KoonDirector/General Manager

    Rick was elected to the Board in 1999. He has previously been the Utility Manager for SMMWC and is now the General Manager of San Miguelito Mutual Water Company. He is also the General Manager of the Cayucos Sanitary District. Rick draws from his background in land surveying, civil engineering, administrative and construction management to direct SMMWC daily. His knowledge of all things operational and regulatory is an asset to the Board

  • Rob RossiDirector

    Rob has been on the Board since 1989. He is a Licensed Architect, Developer and Vintner. He serves on numerous Boards, from banking to charitable organizations. Rob’s involvement in the development of various subdivisions, resorts, vineyards and his overall knowledge of the Avila area, contributes an understanding of the wide range of challenges facing SMMWC.

  • Vic MontgomeryDirector

    Vic has been on the BOD since 2009. He is a Principal at RRM Design Group, a Licensed Architect since 1980, and has been an employee at RRM for 39 years. Vic has 30 years of experience as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board at RRM Design Group. Vic’s knowledge of Community Planning Design helps provide direction for the future of SMMWC.